CTWS Registration & Payment Procedures

Each student must submit a completed registration form along with payment.

Download our school year registration form here

School Year Tuition:

  • Year ’round one hour class (single class or a mix of semester, winter, & spring): $399
  • Year ’round 1.5 & 2 hour classes (Cinderella, Trouping, Disney Days, Intro to Tech, Tech Production, or Both Semesters of High School Classes): $450.
  • First semester only (12 weeks): $192
  • Second semester only (18 weeks): $270
  • Winter session (10 weeks): $170
  • Spring session (6 weeks): $108
  • Spring Break Camp: $250
  • Socially Speaking (either section): $108

Registration forms and payment may be mailed or hand delivered to The Theatre of Western Springs, 4384 Hampton Ave., Western Springs, IL. Registrations may also be faxed in at 708-246-4015.


  • Sign up for a full year of classes and pay just $399 for 30 weeks. You save up to $70 over the individual semester, winter, and spring tuition!
  • Early Bird (expired August 31), save $10 per semester.
  • 16/17 TWS Subscriber, save $10 per semester.
  • 2nd Child, save $5 per semester.
  • 2nd Class, save $5 per semester.
  • Max Discount: $15 per semester for one child, $25 per semester per family with multiple kids enrolled.
  • Discounts are available for full semesters only.

Refund Policy for Full Year Classes:

  • Drop after Aug. 1 and before 1st class: $50 withheld.
  • Drop between 1st & 3rd class: 50% withheld.
  • After Sept. 30, 2016: No refund.

Refund Policy for Semester Long or Shorter Classes:

  • Drop more than a month before classes start: full refund.
  • Drop less than a month before classes start: 50% withheld.
  • No refund after the first class.

Prior to turning in a registration form, we encourage all interested families to call ahead to confirm availability for the class they’re considering.