No Small Parts

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The following post is from our Children’s Theatre Director, Leslie Price. Leslie directed our current production of Treasure Island which runs through March 11th.


Everyone who has ever been involved in any sort of production has heard the old adage, “There are no small parts, only small actors.” It’s a nice sentiment that reminds us every part in a play, regardless of the size of the role, is equally important to the story. This is certainly the way most theatre educators feel, and we remind our students of this concept on a regular basis.


While the notion is a good one, every actor that’s ever graced a stage anywhere knows that (no matter how happy you are just to be in a show) it’s pretty tough not to wish you had the main part when your character has just a few lines. I expected as much from the actors in Treasure Island. After all, they are students. As hard as it is not to be jealous of fellow actors when they have more stage time or get the role you really, really wanted, keeping the green-eyed monster at bay is even tougher when you’re a teenager.


As it turns out, the cast of Treasure Island not only understands the concept of “No small parts,” they embrace it. Every single student in the cast has taken their role–regardless of its size–and turned it into a performance they can be proud of. Whether they’re on stage for a small but pivotal acting moment or fighting in one of the countless combat sequences, the actors in Treasure Island are impressing audiences with their skill and talent. It’s been a pleasure to work with these young people, and I’m so happy that audiences are enjoying their work, too.


Tickets for Treasure Island may be purchased through our box office at 708-246-3380 or via our website at

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